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Palestinian Territories

Iran's relations with India improved throughout this time, with each supporting the Northern Alliance in opposition to the Taliban. Pakistani military personnel have been posted as army advisers and instructors to the militaries of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Kuwait, and the UAE. Pakistan Air Force, Navy, and Army personnel played crucial roles in constructing the UAE army. Many Arab navy officials have been educated at Pakistan's military staff faculties and universities . A fight division commanded by Major-General Zia-ul-Haq was instrumental in placing down the Palestinian Black September revolt in opposition to King Hussein in Jordan in the early 1970s. Gaza's inhabitants is anticipated to increase to 2.1 million people in 2020, resulting in a density of greater than 5,800 individuals per square kilometre. According to Ottoman statistics studied by Justin McCarthy, the population of Palestine in the early 19th century was 350,000, in 1860 it was 411,000 and i